For one, I believe effective marketing is critical to getting attention on the MLS. Melody has fantastic design aesthetic and an incredible team around her that we wholly entrusted to prep and stage our house— and the results were immediate. Our house was “favorited” more times than comparable listing on every mobile app: Redfin, Zillow, The photos were stunning, and Melody’s description of our property was too enchanting to simply scroll past. Appointments and offers came rolling in.

But wait, there’re more.

While we were prepping our house to sell, Melody also worked overtime to find us our next house. Yes, we were the seller, and the buyer...! Knowing that timing was critical for us and our two small children, Melody went above and beyond to locate off-market and potential listings that weren’t subject to the frenzied offer process this area is known for.
— Rachel (Seller & Buyer)

I instantly liked that she was very approachable, honest and you could tell that man she is hard working (plus I liked that she was a women #WhoRuleTheWorld). She set up a time for us all to view a few houses so she could get a feel for what we liked and were looking for. She walked us through the process in a very digestible way and asked us a lot of questions and really listened. For the next few months we went to open houses and gave Melody a low down on pro’s and con’s for each one we looked at.
— Deborah (Buyer)

We had a bit of a challenge (on the seller’s side) that popped up unexpectedly in the middle of escrow - Melody was so diligent in continuing to work with the selling agent to make sure we stayed on track. I can’t express how grateful I am that Melody assisted me in purchasing my first home, a home that I’m absolutely in love with!
— Christina (Buyer)

Communication is key and this is where Melody excelled. I never had to wonder what was going on as she was there with a quick phone call, text message or email at the appropriate times. She even sent me photos to update me on the progress of various projects. After the listing photos were taken, she sent me a link to my homes own website and I was blown away. I couldn’t believe how great it looked. The marketing collateral from the brochures to the home website are top notch.

Two weekends of open houses and 11 offers later, my home sold for 32% over asking! Melody ranked all the offers and made it easy for me to decide on the best overall offer based on contingencies and price.
— Erik (Seller)

When we decided to sell the family home, we hired Melody to represent us, and it was the best decision we have ever made. Melody was very knowledgeable; she answered all the questions I had to ease my anxiety. I felt comfortable and secure working with her.
Melody was very organized; when she first met with us, she presented us a list of what she would be doing to restore and update the old house and how they would be done. She was also a great communicator and always kept us informed on what was being done to the house and its progress.
— Wendy (Seller)

But I think the best thing about working with Mel is that she truly enjoys looking at houses and finding all the little things that it has to offer. I could sense the joy that she got just from seeing the home sitting at the end of a cul de sac, in the heart of the little neighborhood. She also really enjoyed the tranquility of my future backyard and gave me ideas on how I can enjoy and utilize it to the fullest. I think the best way to describe Melody is that she is just a genuine and honest character, and she is the type of person I would want to work with in one of the biggest purchases/decisions in your life.
— Philip (Buyer)